Basic Floral Course in Rosa Floral Design is available

Starting from July, 2018, new basic floral course is available at Rosa Floral Design!

On going, every Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, 8 times a month

Rosa Floral Design offers classes in flower arranging and seasonal flower decoration.

Fee includes one on one instruction, materials, and flowers.

Participants will leave with a perfect flower arrangement, created by you!

Contact us today to find out schedules and more info about classes.

Rosa's Market

We are hosting Rosa's Market on upcoming Sunday of August 12th.

It is a small community event hosted by us in front of our store at 3101 Woodbine Drive, North Vancouver! 

There will be fresh seasonal flowers at discounted price, artists with their works and free coffee for you! 

Rosa's Market will be continuously held every month and you are always welcomed to be part of the event! 

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